I am not a baker

When I was younger, I never wanted to make the cookie dough, I only wanted to eat it. While my older sister enjoyed throwing together the butter, sugar, and whatever else goes into cookies or cakes, I much preferred using a box and adding a little oil and eggs.

It was Nate's birthday this past Tuesday and knowing that he isn't a big birthday cake fan, I decided to make and decorate a giant cookie for him, just as his mom did. I emailed her to see if she had a special recipe, but she often just used the one from the nestle's toll house bag, which I have yet to see here in the UK.

After looking up lots of recipes online, I settled on ole' trusty and bought a mix...easy peasy...just add water! Unfortunately, the dough was a bit sticky and the rolling pin was not an option. As I tried to spread this sticky dough into a big cookie, I seemed to get more of it on my fingers than have any success at "rolling" it out. After throwing some icing on it, wah-lah!

Thankfully(!) it was easier on the tastebuds than the eyes and we devoured it quite quickly. Maybe next year I will give a real recipe a try...

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  1. it looks yummy! you're a very thoughtful girlfriend:)