la la la

Changing things up. I'm not sure why, I'm bored mostly. I did not go to the gym today, I worked only half a day and came home to reorganize/ clean my room, instead, I've been sitting on the stupid internet, which includes changing my color scheme, boring right? Not even sure I like it, but oh well.



Oh, it's been one of those days, one of those glorious days where one does NOTHING. After a harrowing week of work, I was looking forward to today, where I could sleep in, relax, organize my room a bit and do laundry. I ended up waking up much earlier than intended, talking to my sweetie and watched the first half of season 4 of Weeds on my computer. I've done 1 load of laundry and left the house to pick up some things from a friend who is moving...But other than that, nothing.

Sunday is a day of rest. And rest I did.


What day is it?

The past week has been a whirlwind of work, vacation, holidays, goodbyes, packing, driving, friending, shopping, fa la la la laaaa la la la laing. Anyway, I hardly know what day it is anymore.

This year, I spent Thanksgiving in Jackson with Nate and his family and of course, I overate. I even continued to smash mashed potatoes into my gut every time they passed by my plate. I forget how much I love those smooth starchy bites.

From Jackson, we popped back to GR for one more night-o-fun and then spent the weekend in Chicago. It was cold. Very cold. Windy, icy, cold. It was fun to see Nate's friend Scott and Scott's dog Little Scott. Yesterday, after a teary goodbye, I left Nathan and all of his luggage at O'Hare. It was sad, for obvious reasons, but we left each other on a very good note. I anticipate it will be quite an adjustment to not see him everyday, but thank goodness for modern technology as I've already chatted with him and am assured of his safe arrival in the GB.

Work calls again tomorrow and for that, I am not excited. It's almost worse to go back after having a holiday/ vacation. I know the work and meetings that await and am neither excited for or ready to face them. So it goes though, right?

It's already December. Wowser.