nothing ends the day...

...like a glass of red wine.

It's been a long day and only now do I feel as though I have a few moments to myself. Some of my girlfriends and I have resorted to having breakfast once a week. Mind you, today was our 2nd week, we shall see how long it lasts. Regardless, it is nice to start the day off earlier than usual with a tasty coffee and conversation I'm fond of. We've tried the whole 'getting together once a week night' thing but because of busy schedules, gym classes, family obligations, significant other obligations and just being worn out it faded. I can't imagine how much more busy life will be once my world of one (well, kind of 2) becomes more.

After work, I "whipped" together a veggie lasagna from a recipe I received from my one-a-day recipes from allrecipes.com. (side note: I honestly could spend days reading recipes, score how difficult they might be based on ingredients and direction, and still do nothing but read them in hopes that one day I might actually make it). Today, I tried. Unfortunately, it did not turn out as well as expected, but it can be remedied next time. Suffice to say, Nate ate 1.75 LENGTHS of the pan, while Sara and I ate 1 piece each. At least it won't go bad in the fridge since the only 3 left over pieces will be devoured for his and my lunches tomorrow.

The rest of the evening was spent helping some friends move. Having lived here for a little less than a year, I am dissuaded from moving just b/c of the simple fact that moving SUCKS. Whether it's my own stuff or someone else's, it always makes me want say to hell with consumerism, throw all my uneccesaries at Goodwill (yes, at, not to) and live the life of a nomad off of whatever I can carry on my back. Who needs possessions right? I say that until I realize I "need" new work clothes b/c of the few I have, I either hate them, they are worn and tattered or they don't fit. Such is life.

So now I'm home. Winding down. Enjoying the new Kings of Leon album. Almost ready to go to bed only to tackle yet another day. As the title states...there is nothing better that ends the day, than a good glass of red. Cheers.


1 year

I have officially been back in America for 1 year (as of yesterday).


America's Next Top Model

No no, I'm not auditioning for something so ridiculous. And if I ever were to do such a thing, it would have to be America's Next Top Petite Model who can't fit into any pants because they are always much too long.

Look who's coming to GRAM (click those words, I don't know why it's not coming up a different color). Although many know him from his stints next to Tyra & Ms. Jay, he is actually a renowned fashion photographer whose celebrity status will hopefully generate enough buzz to get more people to visit the Art Museum. Oh yes, I should probably mention - it coincides with the Richard Avedon (photography) exhibition. Very excited about that.

It's Monday - no work for me today! Yaya


the summer in seven shots

Celebrating America...in America
Last year, Aaron and I celebrated Canada Day (July 1) in Korea. For some reason, we felt it required a picture.

My little cousin got married, which blew in my older cousin who I haven't seen in quite some time. A good excuse to hang out with the relatives

Kayleena came home for a week! Hanging out with my best gals

Hanging out with Jillybug in the Distillery district of Toronto

Met up with other former ESL teachers who I was friends with in Korea.

A high school reunion of sorts - haven't seen some of these people in years!

Stacey married one of our dearest friends from high school. She look absolutely stunning!


tis been awhile, ja?

Yeah, I don't know where I've been. I keep up on other's blogs and have kept busy as this summer blows by, but I don't have much to write.

Work: Summer camps came and went. They were busy and I got tired of being there. Summer camps ended and now we gear up for fall programming. Fun? Sure. Soon tons of kids will be coming for tours and workshops and I will want to pull my hair out because of the noise.

Roommates: They are fine and dandy. Living in a house with people is still a transition. It's always a transition. I still miss the days of living solo, but alas, I. can. not. do. that. now.

Friends: It seems as though I haven't gotten to see people as often as usual, but on the flip side, it seems like all I've been doing is seeing people.

Boyfriend: Doing well. Approaching 6 mos. Is that long? I don't know. For me it is I suppose. I am happy and he is wonderful.

Goals: Not sure what the future holds, I think I've well-established that over the past few posts. Hoping to continue to take one day at a time and figure things out as time goes by. I'm happy with work, friends, family, and life in general, but then again you've caught me on a good day.