Ode to White Ninja

I have never been one who loves reading comics. On occasion, I'll pick up the Sunday paper and read them, but am often disappointed because they tend to be dumb and not funny, something I don't really get and not funny or mediocre-ly funny, but not really.

I've always felt this way, even as a child. I never got into the far side, or garfield or whatever other comics were popular in my lifetime until I was introduced to white ninja.

When Nathan was still working in an office, he used to send a daily dose of
White Ninja to my inbox in which I could take a quick break from whatever project I was working on and have a chuckle. I wasn't really sure about it at first, b/c it falls into every category I listed above, but I eventually fell in love with white ninja and actually quite looked forward to my daily read.

Because Nate no longer works in an office, I don't get my daily fix. I actually kind of forgot about my dear friend until today. I'm not sure what prompted me to check up on him, but I did, and have chosen to show you two that I found utterly hilarious.



Hilarious, no?


a pile to sift through...

Since my last post, a lot has happened both in my personal life and that of a nation I am proud to be a citizen of.

To start with, I went to San Francisco for a week in October. A dear friend of mine from high school flew out from Georgia and met me there. We both have friends/family who live out there, which allowed us a fairly inexpensive vacation. I've never been to California before and this trip was a treat. We exhausted ourselves by walking for what seemed like endless miles, figuring out public transportation, wine tasting, shopping, museuming, hiking and eating delicious food. It was an awesome trip, take a look:
I stood in the clouds (above) and I stood on Andy Goldsworthy (below)

We were mega tourists (above: on a cable car, below: Golden Gate Bridge)
I went to the vineyard (above) and sipped wine in a castle (below)

and finally, I got to spend great quality time with one of my bestest gals...
I was due for a vacation and it could not have come at a better time. Work was stressing me out and I needed a break. I returned refreshed and with a much better attitude.

Besides a wonderful vacation, other things have been changing too, or rather, are about to change. Since I met Nate, he has been planning on moving to London, England to gain some international work experience in the field of social work. It's something we've talked about quite a bit and is a reality now. He flies out on December 1st and returns June 1st. It's a 6 month visa with the possibility to renew for a longer visa (up to 3 years) upon completion - this is dependent on a number of factors, so we are just focusing on the 6 month period for now. Anyway, it will definitely be a change to not have him around and also for me to be the one staying home. In the past, it has been me who ventures off to new and exciting places, meeting people from all over the world and experiencing other cultures first hand. This time, I will stay put. Rather than gallivanting the globe, I will hear about him doing so. I know this is going to make me want to travel. Pending on finances, I hope to visit next spring.

Today marks the year anniversary of my employment here at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. It has gone very quickly. Having most of my post-college jobs as one-year contracts, it is strange to think that this one will last longer. Longevity! That is what I strive for on my resume, or at least something more than a year. Do I foresee it lasting 2 years? Doubtful, but who knows.

Finally, everyone knows the outcome of Tuesday's election and I don't want to use this webspace to push my agenda or opinions (although I might anyway), but I must say that I have never seen or felt so much positive emotion and energy for this country. This energy is evident in our communities, in our nation and internationally as well. I've received encouraging input and opinions from my friends abroad and for once, it is great to hear something other than negative feedback about America. There is no doubt in my mind that both candidates care for this country, but I honestly and truly do believe that the better candidate was chosen. It is amazing to see a man of color as the head our state, a country that was once racially divided (I know I know, we have a long way to go - bear with me here), where the division between blacks and whites was evident in every aspect of life, where our parents were born in the midst of the civil rights movement. THIS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING PEOPLE!! As I watched both the concession and acceptance speeches I cried, and I was filled with excitment and anticipation for these next four years.

At any rate, it's November and the weather has been amazing, unfortunately it is supposed to get cold tomorrow (it's time to get new slippers). Radio stations are already blaring Christmas music and our staff kitchen has been staffed with sweet treats, which only means the holidays are around the corner. I love this time of year though...