Madness in Montana

Montana: Big Sky Country. That it is too. Every time I visit I remember just how beautiful them mountains are. Michigan, although nice, does not have the majestic views that Bozeman offers.

I had a busy week of relaxing, reading, visiting, drinking, concerting, hiking, eating and shopping, which was unfortunately semi-limited due to my lack of funds.

A rock-star themed Halloween party was attended. My disdain for costume/theme parties has not yet wained so I participated by dressing in everyday clothes and calling myself an exchange student - oh! I did paint my nails black...

On another note, here is an excerpt of a conversation I had at the bar...(fyi- Indian refers to Native American, not India):
Random dude: "Hey, is your friend Indian?"

My cousin: "No dude, she's Korean"

As random dude taps my shoulder: "Hey, are you Indian?"

Me: "Are you serious?"

Random Dude: "Yeah, it's fine, I grew up on a reservation"

Me: "Cool"

And I thought my students in Korea were bad...but, to be fair, I saw a woman at the Bright Eyes show and thought she was Asian until we got closer and my cousins pointed out that she was Native...

Anyway, some shots from the week.
Fun times.

view from my aunt and uncle's place

Nature walkin'

Hiking the 'M' with Dusty (my bro), where we both found ourself ridiculously out of shape

Amber (brother's gf), Dusty and myself at Halloween Party

My favorite cousins


Big Sky Land

I'm sitting in a really lovely organic coffee shop sipping on some joe and taking advantage of free interent. I stupidly forgot my power cord for my computer, leaving me without access and therefore without knowing if potential jobs contact me...unfortunately, after checking, I haven't heard back anyway.

My brother called last week and said it was cold and that it even snowed, so I packed lots of sweaters and my winter coat. Today I awoke, bundled up in a sweater and a scarf, and walked to a (different) coffee shop but was surprised by the gorgeous sun and warm-crisp mountain fresh air. I love it here. It's beautiful, open, fresh, filled with panoramic views of snow capped mountains, sunny and bright...

Someone is trying to steal the free internet for me and since he's a 10 year old boy, I better let him.

Packed with pictures, there will be more later.



I'm sad to say my best friend got married. So long are the days of crazy singledom with the girl I've known longer than any other (unrelated) friend.


I'm actually very happy she married the most genuine, kind, generous, attentive, loving, etc. etc. etc. man in the world.

The wedding was at a resort in Disney World, and fun times definitely ensued. It was a quick and simple outdoor ceremony followed by a reception that had delicious food, dancing and KARAOKE!! The rain held off until the reception and proceeded to downpour like a stampede of wild buffalo dancing on the roof. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

Our day in Magic Kingdom: Anne Marie, Annie (bride) and myself.

Bachelorette Party: First stop after dinner. Why do random icky men always seem to jump in bach. party pictures?

A Pirate & A Princess

Just finished with hair and makeup. My face successfully has lost all depth and required a cement crew to chisel off the ridiculous amounts of caked muck on my face.

Annie & Conor at the wedding reception, gettin' a little dance & pose on.

The girls had a sing-off with the boys. As you can see, I'm still a mic-hog. Some things never change I guess...

Annie with her bridesmaids, the night after the wedding.
L to R: Anne Marie, Myself, Annie & Leah

One of the departing signs on the colorful ride "It's a Small World"
(For those of you not from Korea: It's a very formal way to say goodbye from a person who is staying to a person who is leaving).