Running into Spring

The riverbank run came and went. I've been "training" for quite some time now and just before the race, I tried to make up mental excuses as to why I shouldn't run. I did though and I exceeded my time goal, which made me happy. The energy of the race itself must have given me more stamina to keep my pace up. In total, there were 2276 runners in the 10K and I finished 106th. There were about 280 in my age group (25 - 29) and I finished 23rd! I was pretty excited about that. It was my first race ever and hopefully not my last.

The race was followed by a fun weekend in Chicago. Since I've started working, I haven't taken a single vacation or sick day so it was a welcome trip - I took Saturday off for the race, and although I could have gone in afterwards, I decided not to. Nathan's friend graduated from grad-school so we went to celebrate with him and I also met up with some of my college friends too. Sunday was filled with crappy weather, but it did not sway my desire to shop...and shop I did, kind of. It was quite a different experience with two guys rather than girlfriends/female family members. H&M benefited from my business none the less.

Back to work again. I don't feel particularly re-energized from the weekend, in fact I feel quite the opposite...but it was still good to get out of GR for a few days.


coffee. cinco de mayo.

I love coffee. I toyed with the idea of giving it up as a New Years Resolution, however this did not happen. I've scaled back on my black liquid intake, but I don't think I could ever give it up completely.

It's my day off and it's Cinco de Mayo. I love having Monday's off. While everyone else gets up, annoyed with yet another work week, I get to sleep in without any meetings, phone calls, deadlines, workshops, or tours. I was looking forward to nothing more than sleeping in today. Unfortunately, I woke up at 8. Yes, to some that may be sleeping in, but to me, it is not:(. After many failed attempts at falling back asleep, I finished my book and resorted to a cup of joe, some internet and I cleaned the kitchen.

A side note: I really like where I live and for the most part, I get along with my roommates really well, but lately I have reallllly missed the days of living solo. Really(!)

On the agenda today: Going to Kalamazoo with Nathan, grocery shopping, Cinco de Mayo-ing. A Corona or Margarita might be in order, along with some salsa, guac, tacos, chips and festivities.

The 10K is on Saturday...!