July 10, 2010: The best day!

Nate and I got married on July 10th at the perfect venue back home. While we had originally planned to have a big backyard wedding at my parent's house, this venue opened up and we changed our plans. Rather than a big barn and hay-bales with quilts on them, we decided on an eclectic-vintage theme where I began raiding my mother's antique booths for decorations. The day went perfectly, almost too perfectly, and I think people genuinely enjoyed themselves. Despite the hot hot heat and bright sun, people cooled off with delicious beverages, lawn games, dancing, relaxing, and spending time meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends and family. We didn't want a videographer, but now I wish we had since the day passed by so quickly.

Here are a few captured memories:

My Wedding Dress: I actually went through about a 2-week period of HATING my dress,
however once I had it on with my hair done and make up on, I liked it better.

Nathan rushing to get ready in time

My amazing parents walking around the front lawn

Best attendants a girl could ask for. Love them.

Wedding Partaaaayy

Sealing the deal