new blog

Hello folks,

Nate and I have decided to start a new blog together as a way to stay connected with friends/family and to archive the experiences we have.

We can now be found here: http://kknr.tumblr.com

Will still update this on occasion...


July 10, 2010: The best day!

Nate and I got married on July 10th at the perfect venue back home. While we had originally planned to have a big backyard wedding at my parent's house, this venue opened up and we changed our plans. Rather than a big barn and hay-bales with quilts on them, we decided on an eclectic-vintage theme where I began raiding my mother's antique booths for decorations. The day went perfectly, almost too perfectly, and I think people genuinely enjoyed themselves. Despite the hot hot heat and bright sun, people cooled off with delicious beverages, lawn games, dancing, relaxing, and spending time meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends and family. We didn't want a videographer, but now I wish we had since the day passed by so quickly.

Here are a few captured memories:

My Wedding Dress: I actually went through about a 2-week period of HATING my dress,
however once I had it on with my hair done and make up on, I liked it better.

Nathan rushing to get ready in time

My amazing parents walking around the front lawn

Best attendants a girl could ask for. Love them.

Wedding Partaaaayy

Sealing the deal



Home really is where the heart is, as cheesy as that sounds. I flew into Chicago Wednesday afternoon to be greeted by not only my mother and father, but also my younger sister and our DOG (dog was in the van). It was so great to see familiar faces and to be engulfed in their hugs.

Nate has been fighting a nasty cold since mid/late April, which I seem to have caught about 2 days prior to leaving London. Needless to say, I felt badly for the fella sitting next to me on the plane as I coughed, snotted, and sneezed my way home.

It's kind of difficult to explain what coming home feels like. It feels differently than any other time I have come home after spending time away - whether it was semesters abroad or teaching in Korea. Last December, it felt different leaving as well. I actually cried when I left for London and felt more excited to come home than ever before. Although I am unable to fully articulate this feeling, I do enjoy this little haven where I grew up. The flowers are in bloom, the gardens are producing beautiful produce, the grass is SO green and the skies are blue and sunny.

While this trip will be a busy one, and sad having to be apart from Nathan again, I'm pretty excited about getting ready for this whole wedding shin ding.


Wedding Venue

Just over a month until our big day! The estate in which we are getting married at was featured as the GR Symphony showcase house for their big fundraiser. Here is the link, pretty cool to see how the building once looked back in the day:

Click here to see Wedding Venue


I am not a baker

When I was younger, I never wanted to make the cookie dough, I only wanted to eat it. While my older sister enjoyed throwing together the butter, sugar, and whatever else goes into cookies or cakes, I much preferred using a box and adding a little oil and eggs.

It was Nate's birthday this past Tuesday and knowing that he isn't a big birthday cake fan, I decided to make and decorate a giant cookie for him, just as his mom did. I emailed her to see if she had a special recipe, but she often just used the one from the nestle's toll house bag, which I have yet to see here in the UK.

After looking up lots of recipes online, I settled on ole' trusty and bought a mix...easy peasy...just add water! Unfortunately, the dough was a bit sticky and the rolling pin was not an option. As I tried to spread this sticky dough into a big cookie, I seemed to get more of it on my fingers than have any success at "rolling" it out. After throwing some icing on it, wah-lah!

Thankfully(!) it was easier on the tastebuds than the eyes and we devoured it quite quickly. Maybe next year I will give a real recipe a try...


Youth & Art

This is a link to a video describing a project that Tate Forum is part of, sponsored by Louis Vuitton. When I interned at the Tate Britain, this 3-year project was just in its beginning phases. 5 Art Gallery youth groups are involved in the project, which is endorsed by the likes of Tracey Emin and Jude Law (whose sister is apparently an established artist - who knew?!)

Check it out, awesome progressive project!