Springy timeness and a bottle of juice

Nothing beats the first fresh breaths of spring with a bottle of wine or a nice cold brew. As I walk around the neighborhoods of this area, a few in which I've lived in, I'm reminded of the many hours of porching that make up so many fond memories of the past few years. Besides Korea and since the dorms, this is the first place I've lived without a front porch. I do however, have a nice backyard and patio that suffices. There is something nostologic though about sitting on the porch, whether it's reading, sipping, bbqing, chatting...good times.

The weather has become a mega topic of conversation. With such bursts of warmth, my office has quickly transformed into a refrigerator and I long to be outside not only for the sun, but also because I find myself covered in goosebumps. Offices don't really need to be that chilly do they? I think not.

My life has been rather uneventful lately, but busy none the less. Work consumes most of my day time, and in the evenings I've been trying to stay active and motivated for this 10K that is coming. I've been slacking some, but am trying to get back on the bandwagon of working out. It's so true that getting to the gym, or even outside running, is half the battle. How true this sentiment is. Once I'm exercising, it's rare that I hate it and it's even more rare that I regret it when I'm finished. Today I had (and still have) full intentions to go for a jog, but I got home, was hot from the walk and annoyed with the brown banana's on my counter...so I decided to make banana bread, which ended up being a much longer process b/c we didn't have flour and I had already began to mix other ingredients and mash naners. Needless to say, I've been home for 2 hours and am still in my work clothes. As soon as that bread is finished, I'm outa here.