this and that.

It's been a long week, a long week indeed. More than a week actually. I finished up 10 days of babysitting for a family and was exhausted. Tues-Sat was part time and only required early morning and evening care, but Sat-Sat was full on: tennis lessons, swimming, dinner, minivan, living there etc. I am pretty sure I will never commit to something like that again. Anyway, the kids were awesome and here are a few pictures of them...

McKenna and I

Donnie & McKenna Cakes

Anyway, back to reality. I celebrated with some champagne that my roommate so kindly surprised me with. We went out with a bunch of friends and had a sufficiently wonderful time. Today, we went to the lunch buffet at Bombay and it was delish. My tummy is stuffed and continues to talk to me through various tones of gurgles and squeals. Ha.

Not much else to report. I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of my life again - gym, my own food, my own bed etc. I really did enjoy the week of "being a mom", and I'm sure it would be completely different if they were my own children, but I think I'll wait awhile for that.

Back to normalville now and just relaxing...


"Crush In the Ghetto"

I'm making a CD for somebody and I think the first song will be Ms. Holland's aforementioned . Compiling a list of tunes is always a daunting and challenging task for me, which either results in multiple adding and deleting of songs or a final product I'm not entirely satisfied with.

Anyway, things have been hoppin' in the G-RAP. I spend most of my time at work - I'm lucky I enjoy my job. We're gearing up for our summer programs with the hope of culturally intensifying the minds of little buddies through collaborations with other institutions in the area. It should be pretty fun but busy. The Warhol show opened with a bang. I was asked to do a radio interview and a co-interview on one of the local news station's "happenings" show. I'm pretty famous in the area now. Hahaha, only joking. It was nerve racking.

In addition to work, I've been babysitting since last Tuesday. The mom left for Hawaii early Wednesday morning and I helped get the kids to school, pick them up and stay with them until dinner. The dad would be back from work by 6:30 and I'd be free to go. It was exhausting. And. it only gets worse. The dad left this morning to meet up with his wife and they return on Saturday afternoon. Just me & the kids for 7 days, spending every moment I'm not in work together. I'm even driving a minivan!

It seems as though not much else has been happening. Soccer is fun, our record isn't outstanding, but that's not what matters now is it. Ha. I'm still training for the 10K although I'm taking a break while babysitting.

That's what is going on. Now that I sit down and try to pump something out here, I realize that maybe life isn't too hoppin'. I'm just not as cool as I want others to perceive me as. :)