things things things

I constantly feel as though I'm just barely hanging on...not in that 'desperate depressing' kind of way, but in that 'there's so much going on, although I can't articulate what it is' kind of way...

I can't believe it's almost March. It still seems like January. Spring is coming and winter will break soon - at least that's what I tell myself.

Last weekend, I treated myself to a little weekend away. I left for Hamilton, Ontario after a rather crazy night out (where I may or may not have given Christian Frank - a local newscaster something or other - a big dish full of sarcasm). Anyway, Jilly and I had a delicious meal and relaxed with a bottle of Bulls Blood (Hungarian Wine) and some online scrabble. Sunday afternoon I took the train into Toronto and met up with some fellow foreign teachers from Gimhae. 3 of my most favorite people, who impacted my year abroad in so many ways, reunited in Union Station and fell right back into the old scene. Hellos and hugs were followed by underground walking (terribly wet weather) and some grub. Because the weather wasn't very cooperative, we ended up wining and dining all night until we ended up at this wonderful bar with karaoke in the front and a big pool room in the back. Abbey and I were able to sing our traditional Heart of Glass and memories were reminisced.

I left my friends on Tuesday and after a rather grueling incident with US Customs, a small fine and being treated like a mangled mut, I was lost in Detroit and pissed off. With the help of my father, I was back on track and got home 2.5 hours later than anticipated.

Having a weekend vacation was rejuvenating in so many ways. It's refreshing to temporarily switch one's social backdrop, but it doesn't necessarily recharge one's energy. Luckily, this weekend I was able to relax a bit and catch up (laundry, unpacking, etc) and I'm ready for another week of work.


In other news, I'm attempting to put a soccer team together and I think it's forming nicely - actually, it feels like I'm skating on thin ice and it's either going to work out and be awesome, or it's going to break and fall apart. Let's hope for the former.


twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated...

sooo, I don't want to be sedated (maybe a little bit) but I do wanna be a singer...

I'm watching the grammys right now and I wanna be a singer - probably not a big time pop star or a country starlet, or a hip hop heroine, but you know - maybe someone like Ms. Feist. She's there and she rocks...I feel that if I were Feist, I would love myself - haha, not that I hate myself or anything, but if I were a famous...

Actually, my roommate and I were talking about what we would "be" if there were no rules to life. She said an actress, I said a singer. In another life I think I was (or will be) a singer.


In other new. HOW ABOUT THIS WEATHER? You know it's cold when the snow is squeaking underneath your steps. I'm not sure what the exact temps were today, but this morning it was 3F with a -25F wind chill. I received an email from a woman who is still teaching in Korea and she said winter was soooooooooo cold (she also mentioned that it was 40F. I wish it were 40 here.


OOoohhh, Feist is singing now. Goodbye.

(Awe, she's so great!!)



It's late, and I am tired. But, I cannot force myself to close my little laptop. That's all really. Nothing new to report. Throughout the day, I often think of things I want to say, yet when I'm sitting here, my thoughts retreat to who knows where and I dunno what to write.

As of late, I've been making attempts to refocus my energies to working out and eating healthier. It's working I think. My roommate and I joined an indoor soccer league. We also signed up for a Tuesday training club, which we are severely under qualified for. Everyone in it has run more than a 1/2 marathon, most have are marathon runners and 25K repeaters. We're training for the 10K and even though we aren't nearly as acclimated (and thus far, after every training I'm ready to keel over dead), I think it will be very beneficial for us in the end. The YMCA has become part of the routine again and I thank my lovely girlfriends for holding me accountable to going. After about 5-6 months of inactivity, it feels good to get out here again: to build muscle, lung capacity, stamina and what not. It makes me want to eat better and not want to go out as much - although that does not stop me from buying da vino:)

So yes, things really aren't as boring as I sometimes think. The weather has intrigued me. I find that rather than cursing the high heavens for such wretched weather, I should embrace it and make snowballs. Although, as I head to work tomorrow I'm sure I will change my mind and just hate it.

I'm heading to Hamilton & Toronto in less than 2 weeks to meet up with my dearest friends who I met in Korea. A reunion of greatness will occur and I'm sure pictures will be added then.

That's all for now,