Playing catchup, ketchup

So many words could be used to describe what life has been like over these past however many months, but I honestly don't feel like sitting here and spelling it all out! Instead, here is the abbreviated version: I finished working at the GRAM last November and moved to London to be with Nathan shortly thereafter. Life here has been going very well although not without its frustrations, which are expected upon moving to a new country, right? (I'm sure many of my friends who have lived abroad can attest to this). While Nate busies himself at work, my time is spent studying and interning at the Tate Britain. The job itself is very broad and can be best summed up as helping facilitate the youth program for 15-25 year olds. Through this post, I've met some really cool young people and would love to see this type of program thrive in the States.

As spring approaches, the weather is starting to pick up and I'm trying to put in a few more runs. We have friends visiting early April who are training for the riverbank and I want to be able to keep up with them at least for the first few miles.

Hopefully the updates will be a little more frequent and possibly in the form of a photo here or there. I'm thinking of segueing this whole blog thing into a photography thing instead and am choosing to leave you with these two snaps. One was taken in the bathroom of a gas station and the other was en route to Devon: drip drop.