Well, I've surpassed my early 20's. I suppose I can still claim to be in my mid-20's, but that too is close to passing. I'm glad to be out of my early 20's. Is that silly? Although they were fun, I felt like I was never taken seriously, by others and by myself. I finally feel "old enough" to be an adult. I feel like I can be respected more and taken more seriously now that I've passed that quarter century mark...despite the fact that I still look 19 and probably act it as well. Such is life. It was a great birthday though, filled with friends from my past and present, a wonderful boyfriend and delicious food/cake.

I was reflecting on this past year and I must say I've been quite lucky. I traveled to Hong Kong. I safely returned home from Korea. I started a job that for the most part I enjoy. I've made a new wonderful friend. I've landed myself an unbelievable fella. I feel quite blessed in the sense that things are going pretty well for me. I still have a lack of direction as far as what the next steps of my life are, but that's par for the course.

My intern was accepted to the School of Visual Arts in NYC today. She was stoked, as was our department for her. She is extremely passionate about art, art criticism and writing, and her excitement of her acceptance made me think about what it is that I'm passionate about. I draw blanks. Regardless of this unknown in my life, there are things that I feel very strongly about, things that I want to do and accomplish, however there is nothing that I can honestly say I'm completely and totally passionate about. Ha. How depressing! This probably sounds more sappy than intended, but sometimes I feel like I need to figure this stuff out: what I want to do with my life, where I want to go next, if it's okay to not want to "settle" anywhere. I have trouble figuring out when and where to take a vacation! My indecision can be a wet blanket sometimes. Ahh hell, the map of life is so confusing...maybe it's more like a maze in the sense that it's like a process of eliminations. One day when I'm old, gray and shriveled up, I'll be at the end of my rope and will be able to reflect on how I did it. I do things I enjoy, intimately enjoy, and I learn from them, but I realize when it's time to move on...I just wonder what is next.

Wow, this got a little contemplative. Haha, maybe my 26th year will be just that. Does anyone else feel like this ever? Cynnnnn? Kiiiiiiimmmmm?


things i did not know.

I want to share with you my intelligence. Below, you will find two examples of words I thought to be spelled one way but that are in fact, spelled COMPLETELY different.

For years, I actually thought the word 'tenure' was 'ten year'. This one happened awhile ago, but I still think it's funny.

Today, I read, 'prima donna' and had to read it twice. I alway thought it was pre-Madonna. Why? I'm not sure. It made me chuckle though.


As per Jana's resquest

I attended a wedding shower for my dear cousin last weekend and another dear cousin of mine asked me why I hadn't updated my blog lately. To be honest, few things seem worth sharing these days. I don't feel bored in any capacity, nor do I feel particularly uncontent, unbusy or unproductive. I'm not sure if those first two words are actually in the English dictionary - nor do I care.

I went to a wedding this past weekend. The ceremony was at the Amway Grand and the Reception was at the J.W. Marriot, it was quite fancy. We moved to The Bob after the reception and onward to my place for some wine, pretzels, mustard and water spillage. Ha! It was a good night. Over the past few years, it seems as though my summers have been filled with a bagizillion weddings. Not this year! This year, I only have 3. Either this means I'm getting "old" and most of my friends/relatives have been married off OR those of us who have chosen to not marry in our early 20's (whether that's a conscious decision or not) are slowly being weened from those who have...As I reread that past sentence, I suppose those are basically the same idea worded differently.

I've been out of school too long.

Work is work. Busy, more stressful lately than before, but challenging. I hate working on Saturdays but I enjoy having my Monday's off.

My cousin and his wife (who was one of my dearest High School friends - I actually set them up!) had the most beautiful and precious baby girl...2 MONTHS EARLY! She's so tiny (born at 3 pounds 12 oz) but healthy for how early she was born and a true fighter. She's feeding well, sleeping well, breathing well etc. etc. A true Gemini!

I started slacking in my workout routine post-10K, but I'm back in the mode (or at least trying to be) of working out. I'm looking into a 10-mile race this fall but we'll see. The thought of training again can be daunting. I just need to buck up.

The sun is starting to set and I'm still in my gym clothes. If anyone (besides Jana) reads this, and I assume it's mostly those from my memorable days in Korea, I MISS YOU HORRIBLY. Skype should be in order. Perhaps soon. To anyone else (yes, this being Jana), it was great to see you last week and catch up! Hope you are enjoying your summer and see you in August! (if not before!)