Weekend Update

Oh what a weekend. It was Sara and Andrew's wedding weekend and with it blew in many people from across the Atlantic. Sara looked AMAZING, as did Andrew, and it was just a beautiful celebration:

This was not a great picture, but one of the only ones I have showing both of their faces

Nathan and I talked about how he would not be attending and that it would be better for him to save his pennies and travel elsewhere in Europe. I however, was very wrong and fooled and surprised...but in a good way.

It started off on Friday when I was frantically putting together a tri-fold display board for the GRCC Family Matters event the next day. My office is located near an entrance and as people enter, I can always feel the cold breeze. As the chill approached my co-worker and I, we looked up and I caught a flash of a green scarf and suddenly, I realized it was my NATHAN! I could not believe that he was there, in front of me, in the flesh. I honestly did not know whether or not to hug him, kiss him or hit him (I think I did all three as I was so surprised and felt rather shaky as it sunk in that he was actually here).

It turned out that almost everyone knew about it and I had absolutely no idea. Having him around for the weekend made the event that much better for me. Because of the nature of the weekend, it was a whirlwind. We went to the rehearsal dinner on Friday, I worked Saturday morning and then we went to the wedding. We met my family for Sunday dinner to celebrate my sister's sweet 16(!) and then left for Chicago to meet up with the groomsmen/ his new friends in order for them to fly out this afternoon. I still can't believe he was here and I'm absolutely exhausted from all the festivities. The countdown has now begun for my trip to visit him (28 days!!) and I am so excited.