how a 2-year old made me want one, and then remembered that I don't...not yet anyway

Last night I babysit for a family I used to care for in college. They happen to be babysitting a 2 year old who had not taken a nap during the day. It was finally bedtime (7:30!) and as I was putting him down he cried and sobbed while I made attempts to calm him down with stories & songs (yes, poor child was probably crying because his ears were bleeding at the sound of my voice). Anyway, I said to him, "Jake, Lisa said that you would go to bed really good for me tonight". And no lie, between tears and gasps of breath, this tiny little creature responded, "No, I go to bed really difficult tonight". At that moment, my maternal clock started ticking on overload as I thought to myself, "I WANT ONE" as if he was something I could pick up at Meijer the next time I go grocery shopping. Of course, I don't really want one - at least not now...which is why babysitting can be so fun, because at the end of the night I can go home and do whatever I want to.