a new spin on rice...

So I eat rice all the time. I don't mind. I find it filling and it's causing what I like to call, "my little bap belly". bap means rice.

My Aussie co-worker always puts a dab of mayo and a splash of soy sauce on her rice and I've always thought it a strange combo, but today I actually tried it and found it absolutely delicious.

That is all. Try it sometime...mmm...it's healthy too!!?:)



1. Another drunken episode happened outside of my apartment today. It was about 11:30am. I just returned from my yoga class and was enjoying a good ole' bowl of cereal when I heard thump thump into my door and jiggle jiggle of my door knob (good thing I locked it) then slam slam of the closet door. I quickly ran to the video phone (smart cookie I am) just in time to see a man stumble into one wall only to knock himself into another when finally...kerplunk. I quickly called my friend to tell him a guy just passed out outside of my door when I heard (presumably) a friend start yelling at him and picking him up. I was quite voyeuristic with my video phone. I'm speaking with my director today to see if they can tighten up the security or something on my floor. 2 times in 1 week. Not cool.

2. I was reading through one of my students weekly journals and she wrote about the boy she was in love with...her words were exactly this: "to see him, it's like poison". What middle school girl hasn't felt this way. I started giggling and remembering those middle school crushes...ahem, crush, and the "poisonous" gut wrenching feelings...haha.

3. I had an epiphany Sunday night about my future...so I've devised a tentative 5 year plan. Finish this year here in Gimhae, go home for a month or so, return to Korea -- probably Pohang for another year, then apply for grad-school at Univ. of Montana in Missoula for their Intercultural Family and Youth Development program. It's a one year course load plus a 1-2 year internship abroad that can be completed through the peace corps or through your own independent program...by then I'll be what, 28? 29? Perfecto. That's the tentative plan..but for those of you who know me at all, I change plans as often as I change my undies. haha. Aud, if you're reading this, you should post your future too...I know you've been researching:)

4. My age is really starting to show. Since I was in 6th grade I have found random grey hairs, but lately, they are coming in rapidly and I find myself hovering over a mirror picking them out...why? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?????????????????????

Well, that's all for now. I'm boring myself.


The start of another week...

...means the end of a great weekend.

What a great weekend it was too. Friday night I met up with the Gimhae foreigners crowd at B&G, but we ended up at OB Camp where there's an actual toilet instead of the squat pots. Ordinarily it doesn't matter whether we sit or squat, but since Abbey broke her foot in a crazy catastrophe of a way (ha ha) her squatting abilities have ceased to exist...It was a good night.

Saturday I headed to Pohang to visit friends and the orphanage. Every time I arrive at Sunlin Orphanage, I get really nostalgic...I spent 2.5 months living there during the summer of '04, walking up the big ole hill still knocks the breath out of me, but hearing the sounds of children running around makes me smile. There are two kids there who I could take home. This orphanage is a non-adoptive orphanage so most of the children are in some contact with their parents/family but they live in this government run establishment...which by the way is a great and wonderfully directed place...the staff members really love these kids and the kids really look up to the staff. I often wish I lived closer so I could visit it more regularly...if I can make it once per month I'll be satisfied...

After visiting the orphanage I went into town to meet two of my Korean friends from Handong. They were both at Calvin two summers ago! Eun Jin's mom owns a beauty salon so I got a free haircut and some products. I was really nervous at first because she kept hacking away at my length and I didn't want to end up with a crazy Korean haircut...think mullety, bangs bangs and more bangs, and feathery wispy strangeness...She didn't use a regular scissors once, it was fairly dry when she cut it and she kept chopping away with a thinning sheers, which by the way makes my hair do crazy things, but I trusted her anyway. After a style and some product I was relatively happy with the results...the three of us ended up having dinner (spicy spicy fried rice - yum yum) and I then split and went to Beethoven's, a foreigner pub, to meet up with teachers who I had met before. It was a great night.

Now it's Tuesday...only 4 classes today. The weeks are flying by and it's almost Thanksgiving. I'll miss the turkey, the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, but oh well...I'll just eat rice and seaweed instead...aren't you jealous???...mmmm


back in business

thanks to zac for enlightening me on how to "change the language" back to English...so we're up and running again at lightning speeds.....beware, you might not know what hit you.

So last night, as I was brushing my teeth, I heard a rustle outside of my door and a knock. I live at the end of a corrider-ish type hallway and the only other door around mine is a closet with a sign that says, "descending life line" (this is funny because it's just a storage closet). Anyway, I opened my door to see who was out there and a red faced man heavily scented with alcohol started talking to me in Korean and trying to get in my apartment. I shouted at him to get out and leave me alone. This didn't have too much effect because 1. he didn't understand English, and 2. I had a mouth full of foamy toothpaste and a toothbrush. Well, he continued to pull at my door with two fumbly hands and I began to pull it shut with all my might. I finally won (my big muscles that is) and quickly locked the door. When I finished brushing my teeth and crawled into bed I realized that could have been a fairly dangerous situation...what if he won and had managed to stumble into my apartment? What would have I done or who would have I called? I then remembered... instead of having a peep hole in the door, my apartment comes equipped with a phone that's connected to a video camera just outside my door. DUH ME!! I've learned my lesson. When people come a knockin' I better check the video instead of actually opening the door. I still wonder, why are drunk men stumbling around my apartment floor? Strange strange strange...


After accidently deleting my first blog, I think I've managed to create yet another...it's taken some time to figure it out seeing as everything is in Korean...the crazy Hanguel language I can't read!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhh