Home really is where the heart is, as cheesy as that sounds. I flew into Chicago Wednesday afternoon to be greeted by not only my mother and father, but also my younger sister and our DOG (dog was in the van). It was so great to see familiar faces and to be engulfed in their hugs.

Nate has been fighting a nasty cold since mid/late April, which I seem to have caught about 2 days prior to leaving London. Needless to say, I felt badly for the fella sitting next to me on the plane as I coughed, snotted, and sneezed my way home.

It's kind of difficult to explain what coming home feels like. It feels differently than any other time I have come home after spending time away - whether it was semesters abroad or teaching in Korea. Last December, it felt different leaving as well. I actually cried when I left for London and felt more excited to come home than ever before. Although I am unable to fully articulate this feeling, I do enjoy this little haven where I grew up. The flowers are in bloom, the gardens are producing beautiful produce, the grass is SO green and the skies are blue and sunny.

While this trip will be a busy one, and sad having to be apart from Nathan again, I'm pretty excited about getting ready for this whole wedding shin ding.